About Us


When you think of the automobile industry of Gujarat, the brand Kataria resonates first in your mind. Kataria Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., is India's No. 1 Maruti-Suzuki Dealer.

Shri Shobhagmal Kataria founded the Kataria Group in 1956 as a transport company and made it one of the largest logistics companies in the 1990s. The Group began its automobile journey in 1984 with Vespa two-wheelers followed by passenger and commercial vehicles. Kataria Automobiles is known to be the flagship company of the group and is one of the highest-selling dealership groups of Maruti-Suzuki in India, having a place in the Asia Book of Records & India Book of Records for doing the highest retail sale of cars ever in the Automobile Industry in a single month. Also has been awarded as the No. 1 Dealer in ET Auto100 Power Dealer many times, the Biggest Group Award by FADA along with other prestigious accolades. With our vision firmly placed on the future and the global markets, we are aggressively expanding and diversifying across various industries with purpose. As a result, the Group currently serves over a million happy & satisfied customers through 170+ customer touchpoints with a dedicated workforce of over 7000 employees, which put together makes us the most preferred and India's No. 1 Automobile Dealer.

As we are in the late second century of this business, we believe that our impressive strides in the marketplace stem in equal parts from our proactive approach and our customer's unstinting support, earned the only way we know, by giving our customers the most appropriate automotive solutions for each of their needs, and by backing them up with our services like Maruti Suzuki True Value, Maruti Suzuki Authorized Service, Maruti Suzuki Driving School, Maruti Suzuki Exchange, Maruti Suzuki Genuine Parts, Maruti Suzuki Accessories, Maruti Suzuki Insurance, & Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance & Maruti Suzuki Subscribe, etc. We are conscious of the fact that vehicles are more than just a means of transporting people and goods, we understand that they have a deep and far-reaching impact on society, the national economy, and the environment.

Management of Kataria Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.

Founded by Shri Shobhagmal Kataria and with his vision his son and current Chairman of the Group, Shri Rajendra Kumar Kataria has further diversified the group into the automobile, insurance, finance, infrastructure, and recycling divisions. Shri Rajendra Kataria has gradually passed on the baton to his only son Rohan Kataria; the 3rd generation entrepreneur of the family, who aims to maintain the Kataria Group as the most diversified and largest business conglomerate of Gujarat as he believes in empowering people, periodic monitoring, using the best digital tools to enhance potential reach, investing in human capital to ensure the best resources are obtained for the organization. Rohan understood the cutting-edge aspects of all businesses which became the fundamental reasons for rampant yet logical expansion and growth. As a result, the group currently has an annual turnover of over USD 600 MN. Behind his success, there is strong support from his devoted wife Mrs. Amita Patni Kataria and she plays a very active role as a customer-focused Director in many businesses.

At Kataria Group, our Board of Directors and Management are dedicated to continually improving our products and services. We achieve this through sound business decisions, careful financial management, and upholding the highest ethical standards across our organization. Transparency and professionalism are key to our operations, ensuring trust and accountability in every decision and transaction. We strive for excellence in Corporate Governance by not only meeting but surpassing mandatory guidelines, and we consistently review and enhance our Board processes and Management systems to drive ongoing improvements.